• Shooting & Stick Handling Lessons

Hockey training is different than any other contact sport because hockey requires the successful combination of strength, power and skill but also incorporates the necessity for balance, agility and poise to be able to perform on a hockey skate blade.

Extra Hour Off-Ice Training facility has some of the Bay Area’s best skill development coaches who are committed to training players on proper hockey habits and techniques focused on core hockey skills: power skating, shooting, puck handling, and passing.  Whether it is a beginner learning the great sport of hockey or an advanced athlete, our coaches are well equipped to create targeted skill development drills and techniques that are specific to the player’s needs.

Sport specific training techniques have been designed to support proper shooting mechanics and shot selection, passing and receiving, stick handling, positioning, angling, and puck control & awareness.  

Shooting skills: Learn and improve proper form, weight transfer, balance, puck positioning, correct follow through, proper release point, shot selection, shot accuracy, shooting on the fly, quick release shots, and more.

Stick handling is the basis for all puck control and puck handling: passing, receiving a pass, shooting. Practice fakes, dekes, puck protection, face-off’s, top hand techniques, toe drags and many other skills with private lessons.

Extra Hour Off-Ice Training facility also has highly qualified goalie coaches and training equipment for all of your off-ice needs. To book a goalie coach, please click on the Goalie & Small Space page under the Programs drop down menu.


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Coaches will reserve the shooting lane for your lesson, so you do not have to! 

JUSTIN ALONZO  [email protected]  (408) 644-4689
SEAN CASTAGNA  [email protected]  (408) 828-6970
SHANE GALAVIZ [email protected]  (562) 201-6249
MATT GUFFEY  [email protected]  (703) 459-0227

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MIKE JANDA  [email protected]  (630) 621-6311
Tiki Tikhonov
[email protected] (408) 464-2646

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Stick Handling

Core strength & balance while stick handling


Shooting lesson

Jonathan CheeChoo coaching his son on "quick release" shots


Shooting lesson

Shooting lesson on lifting the puck while keeping a low follow through


Shooting lesson with video breakdown

Extra Hour & Jr. Sharks 18AAA Coach Guffey performing technical analysis of shooting with player during a private shooting & stick handling lesson


Coach Tikhonov

Coach Tikhonov works with a player on technique