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What are my training tools and options?

-Utilize many mainstream stick handling and skill development aids as well are our own custom-made training tools:
-Top Shot Electronic Net
- Box Hockey
- Custom hockey goalies 
-Shooting Target Tree
-Radar with big screen readout 
-One-time passers
-Pass Master hockey passer and rebounder
-Fast Hands Pro stick handling trainer
-Sweet hands hockey stick handling trainer
-Puzzle System off-ice training system with dual end passers
-Balance and core strength aids for stick handling and shooting
-Attack Triangles
-Accuracy targets
-Puck catcher mini nets
-Boni Puck Shooting Machine for goalies and shot re-directs/deflections 
-BOSU and balance training aids for core strength while stick handling 
-Custom quick shot release aids
-Custom top hand control aids
-Custom shooting tarps
-NHL regulation nets (on moorings)
-Ice balls and Speed balls
-Swedish stick handling wooden balls
-Green Biscuit pucks
-Weighted pucks
-Hockey stick weights
-Dangle zone to practice stick handling while in skates but not occupying a shooting lane

Why are the synthetic ice surfaces at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility so easy to skate on?

 Our skating surfaces mimic real ice, but take a little more effort, which translates to an easier experience when on real ice. We procured the best type of synthetic ice available and had professionals level the concrete and install the ice surfaces. Additionally, we have a specialized background in protective coatings that allowed us to create a proprietary blend product to apply to our surfaces which produces the closest feel to real ice.

What are the hours of operation at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility?

Currently, Extra Hour is open by appointment only.  Private shooting/stick handling lessons, skating treadmill lessons, shooting lane rentals, hockey stick demo lane rentals, and team bookings can all be booked at

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Do I have to sharpen my hockey skates after skating at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility?

We have found this assumption to be one of the biggest misunderstandings about our synthetic ice surfaces.  Advances in the types of materials used to create synthetic ice, along with our background in protective coatings, reduces the wear on skate blades. In fact, our regular customers who visit Extra Hour twice a week or more for shooting or skating treadmill lessons find that they need to sharpen their skates slightly more frequent, but certainly not after each visit. Of course, sharpening before a big game or a tournament is always a good idea. Alternatively, with technical advances in skates, some players are electing to use a separate set of steel for their Extra Hour sessions. 

What do I need to bring to Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility to train?

Shooting lanes require a minimum of hockey skates, helmet (unless 18 or older) gloves and stick.

For the skating treadmill, we recommend wearing your equipment bottoms (shin pads, pants) for comfort when in the safety harness and gloves are optional as well.  Hockey skates are required for all players.

Can I drop off my child at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility to train?

All minors are required to have a parent or legal guardian onsite during their entire visit at Extra Hour.

Why rent our small space area fully equipped with boards and NHL net to train when on-ice options are not available or too expensive?

Because over 80% of the game is played in the Offensive or Defensive zone so players need to be able to handle the puck in a small area! 

What is plyometrics?

Plyometrics is a form of training for powerful explosive movements. Strength and speed are combined for a plyometric movement. Plyometrics can be performed for the upper, middle, and lower body. Skaters need to be working with a qualified trainer when performing plyometrics.