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Becoming a strong skater is a key ingredient to ensure player’s overall success in hockey.

Establishing proper hockey stride mechanics and correct posture are directly linked with power and speed, yielding efficacy and efficiency on the ice. Said succinctly by Bill Guerin, "If you're using improper technique quickly, all it means is you'll go nowhere faster". Power skating teaches proper edge utilization so that edge movement becomes instinctual, adding natural agility, while playing the game. Body position is key for strong grip and balanced lean, skills that ultimately result in players having tight, quick movements. As the game gets faster, the spaces get smaller! 

Extra Hour treadmill training coupled with Cathy’s Power Skating gives players the skating foundation in which all other hockey game skills can be built. We focus on a repetitive and progressive training style to ensure consistent skill development and aim to establish the biomechanics of proper muscle movement, so that each of our hockey players embodies these attributes as they develop and evolve. 

Extra Hour's skating treadmill is a powerful and effective training tool, players will receive instant, continuous verbal and visual feedback during their custom skating session. We have been overwhelmed with the positive player feedback and immediate results.



One-time Introduction Skating Treadmill session $60 for 30 minutes
We highly recommend to train with a partner, due to the intensity of the sessions.

Benefits of skating treadmill lessons

  • Personal training with immediate feedback and on-the-fly corrections 
  • Highly controlled environment to refine skating skills 
  • Mirror training to allow for instant self-adjustments and reinforces ‘heads up’ skating & stick handling
  • Real time visual feedback for self-assessment for accelerated comprehension of training techniques conveyed by instructor
  • Multi-tasking, stick handling while in full stride with head up
  • More efficient and refined skating mechanics for a more powerful lengthened stride
  • Quick feet, edge control, powerful stride with quicker stride recovery
  • Increased coordination, improved strength, maneuverability, agility, balance, speed, flexibility and over speed techniques
  • Anaerobic conditioning and strength training while increasing stamina
  • Injury prevention techniques and injury rehabilitation training
  • Video treadmill sessions to analyze skating mechanics and measure skater improvement 
  • Skating stride analysis and programming partnership with Dr.Vandi of Competitive Edge 
  • Band - Cord training to add resistance for elite players and increase muscle development

    PLYO-SK8 Skating treadmill & agility skate on mini-rink

​​​​​​        DISCOVER PLYO-SK8

Coach Cathy has created and developed an unique & innovative skating program. The mini-rink synthetic ice, by nature, adds resistance; therefore it increases the muscle recruitment like a band and/or parachute would. PLYO-SK8 is a blend of pylometrics and skating skills that focuses on a progression by increasing agility, quickness, balance, core strength, mobility, body awareness, motor control, coordination and overall athleticism. Cathy has leveraged her knowledge to bring your player this development system that will guarantee to refine and elevate skating performance.

*PLYO-SK8 and Skating Treadmill together will complete ALL the skating skills needed!