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  • Testimonials

“In the last 10 years, skating speed has become arguably the most vital attribute of a hockey players physical abilities.  Players of all ages and abilities can benefit from not only working on straight ahead speed, but edge work and the turning abilities that contribute to on-ice agility. 

I have seen firsthand the success rate when elite professionals, high level amateur players, and youth players participate in Cathy’s skating programs. Her level of knowledge regarding the mechanics of the stride and how to apply the techniques to game-like situations is exceptional. She has applied the use of the skating treadmill to not only work on stride length and technique, but for improved edge work and balance as well. Her programs and resources at Extra Hour allow hockey athletes the opportunity to make an effective change to their skating skills and not be limited by available ice times.”

Mike Potenza
Director of Strength & Conditioning 
San Jose Sharks Hockey Team


“Cathy has been an incredible resource for our three hockey playing boys since moving to the Bay from Canada. From our 8-year-old to our 15-year-old, she has provided the optimal age and development stage appropriate coaching and training, on and off the ice. Our sons have absolutely loved their skill development sessions at her training facility and have benefited greatly from her expertise and attention to detail in refining their skating technique. Most importantly, Cathy truly cares about each one of her athletes and customizes their program based on their unique and specific needs.”

Dr. Rick Celebrini - former Canadian Professional soccer player, Founder & Director of Sport Medicine & Science for the Fortius Institute.
Currently - Golden State Warriors Director of Sport Medicine & Performance.

"Edge work and mobility should be one of the primary focuses of youth hockey and the utilization of professional power skating instruction should be a consistent part of youth hockey players training regimen, during the hockey season and offseason.

When coached by a professional skating coach, the skating treadmill is a great addition to on ice training, especially for stride mechanics and overspeed.  Adding visual learning by seeing the stride with instantaneous feedback allows on-the-fly corrections, unlike watching video.

Focusing on the elements of hockey skating, both on ice and skating treadmill, and imprinting proper skating mechanics is Cathy’s expertise."  

Scott Hannan
NHL Sharks Alumni

"I worked with Cathy Andrade during my pro career with the San Jose Sharks. One of the things that I was always told was that my skating was below par.  Doing drills with her improved my edges and quickness allowing me to reach a high level in the NHL and ultimately winning the Rocket Richard Trophy. 

My son now also works with Cathy; he was a gangly side-to-side skater. Through her help on the ice, she was able to improve his balance and edges.  With the skating treadmill, he was able to drastically improve his forward motion stride plus work his edges to become a stronger skater.  I am so impressed with the work that she has done with my son and the big strides he’s taken while working with her; it’s really a night and day difference.  I would highly recommend Cathy for kids and adults who are looking to improve their skating."

Jonathan Cheechoo
NHL Sharks Alumni