Goalie at Extra Hour in private lesson



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  • Goalie & Small Space Training

Goaltending is a critical aspect of team play and requires direct & consistent unique coaching skills. As forwards and defenders get specific coaching for their respective positions, goalies require the same attention to guided skill development.


Goalie faces 600 shots in 1 hour with private Extra Hour goalie coach



Develop and focus on improving your net minder skills

  • Positive coaching to instill self-confidence 
  • Refine motor patterns and enhance athleticism in goaltenders
  • Learn key areas to focus on for solid goaltending
  • Puck Control- rebounds, freezing pucks, stick handling
  • Positioning- angles, depth, tracking the puck, being square to the shooter
  • Stance- basic, butterfly, position, balance
  • Movement- T-push, C-cut, Pivot, Pivots into T-push, shuffles, slides
  • Save Selection/Save Cycle: Find the puck (eyes first), Movement (getting into position), Position (stance, angles, square to the puck, depth), Save selection (appropriate to the situation), Puck control (rebounds and recovery) – Hockey Canada Network
  • NHL regulation net on moorings 
  • Boni Puck Shooting machine- tracking the puck
  • Video analysis for self-correction and to measure player improvement
  • Private or semi-private individualized training for skill development, positive motivation, and psychological instruction (that often does not happen in team practice settings). 
  • Focused personal instruction with instant feedback to create smarter, stronger, more skilled, and more confident goalies.
  • No other local off-ice skill development program offers as much individualized goalie training to mirror on-ice scenarios. 

Skipping practice could become increasing trend for goalies

Price, Smith among those to cut down to keep from getting overworked
“Detailed technical work with a goaltending coach has traditionally taken place before practices.” “It’s no wonder spending extra time working on controlled drills with the goaltending coach is sometimes preferred to a wide-open practice.”  

- by KEVIN WOODLEY / NHL.com Correspondent October 18th, 2018


MARTIN MOODY [email protected] (760) 646-0060



Why rent our small space area fully equipped with boards and NHL net to train when on-ice options are not available or too expensive?


Because over 80% of the game is played in the Offensive or Defensive zone so players need to be able to handle the puck in a small area!